Available Aircraft

Business charter service

Whether considering the use of aircraft for corporate exhibitions, product launches, sports events, etc., our team of charter experts can provide perfect charter solutions according to customer requirements. We know that our customers' time is very precious. Group charter flights can freely arrange travel dates and flight schedules and choose designated airports. Of course, customers can also adjust flight plans according to changes in the itinerary. Our drivers and flight attendants are industry elites who have been screened in layers.

Private charter service

We provide private charter services for business professionals to maximize your time utilization. Our private jet service is sufficient to meet the busy schedule of the company's senior people, and can help business passengers to easily achieve the task of traveling in multiple cities on the same day. Traveling by private jet is the most comfortable, safe and safe transportation for high-level business people in the company. Private jets can also be used for leisure travel, providing you and your family and friends with the most luxurious, comfortable and private travel experience.